New York : 5 benefits of eating gluten-free foods even if you are not celiac

New York :

5 benefits of eating gluten-free foods even if you are not celiac

Skipping gluten is associated with great benefits for improving energy levels, fighting inflammation, and preventing numerous chronic diseases.

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In recent months feeding measures more in trend and that are related to their qualities for promote good health, prevent diseases and lose weight, are those that are derived from some restrictions. That is why it has become very popular to follow low carbohydrate diets, added sugars, lactose and of course gluten. While they are adjustments that are associated with extraordinary health benefits, are habits that significantly improve our lifestyle and that can even make us live for more years.

When we talk about gluten, it is normal that the first thing that comes to our mind is to think of someone we know who is “Gluten intolerant”. It is also known as celiac disease, It is a rimmunological action of the organism before the ingestion of gluten, a protein present in wheat, barley Y rye. Over time, the reaction to eating gluten generates inflammation that damages the coating of the small intestine and produces medical complications, another of his main contraindications is that in the long term makes it difficult to absorb some nutrients (malabsorption).

Taking into account that gluten is a protein found in most cereals, when the first cases of gluten intolerance, for many patients coupling to certain adjustments in feeding it was a subject with certain complications and limitations. The truth is that years ago we didn’t have so many alternatives novelty in this type of products, on the other hand wheat, rye Y barley are the base cereals of many foods of daily consumption.

While the dietary limitations for those who suffer gluten intolerance, gluten allergy or gluten sensitivity, are the same and are based on the elimination of all food that contains gluten; it is very important to ensure optimal consumption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants Y especially fiber. However recently it has been discovered that as part of a strategy to live better Y with more health, many people who do not suffer from celiac disease have decided eliminate gluten consumption in the daily diet. The main goal: lose weight and prevent a long list of symptoms Y diseases, we invite you to know 5 extraordinary benefits that happen when you stop consuming gluten.

1. Better energy levels

The list of processed foods what contain gluten, unfortunately it is extensive. In such a way that finding a gluten-free product is the equivalent of a needle in a haystack, in such a way that the consumption of these foods and the sensitivity to gluten infallibly result in chronic fatigue This is because the consumption of this type of gluten products damages the intestines, which in turn makes absorption difficult of various nutrients, including iron. It is a nutritional deficiency that leads to anemia, noted for its sense of debilitating fatigue and effort intolerance. Switch to a gluten free diet it will give the digestive and intestinal system a chance to heal, deflate and it will only bring good results since will restore nutrient absorption and will significantly improve energy levels.

2. Less inflammation

Between the main Y more typical signs that announce the gluten intolerance, symptoms such as excess gas and a pronounced inflammation after eating foods that contain gluten; although when celiac disease is advanced These conditions appear at the least provocation. Therefore switching to a gluten-free diet is a exceptional and immediate measure to treat all kinds of digestive upset and it will also lead to a much flatter stomach after eating.

3. Reduction of joint pain

Yes, typically celiac disease is primarily related to conditions in the gastrointestinal tract; However, do not forget that it is a serious health condition and what can you have powerful effects. It is because of that most of your symptoms is related to this abnormal immune reaction, which deteriorates health at different levels and is related to a significant increase in inflammation. It has diverse studies that verify the relationship between gluten intolerance Y joint pain, specially in the knees, the back Y the dolls. One of the main medical recommendations To control this type of pain and the degenerative diseases that are related to it, it is to follow a gluten free diet; it is of great help to control pain, decrease inflammation and prevent disease.

4. Less headaches

It’s not new news, during the last decades Scientists from all over the world have dedicated themselves to verifying the close connection between the intestine Y brain, in such a way that the good or bad functioning of each one can interfere in different aspects of health. Between the most relevant findings it is clear that people with gluten intolerance Y Celiac Disease, are more likely to experience headaches and migraines. However, one of the most salient and positive aspects of eliminate gluten of the diet is related to a reduction in frequency from all kinds of headaches, from mild to acute.

5. Reduction of lactose intolerance

A fact that few people know about people who suffer from Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, is that very often they also present symptoms of lactose intolerance. This is because the lining of the intestine produces the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose found in the dairy products; therefore people with gluten intolerance suffer damage to the intestine that impair lactase production. However, the good news is that this effect is temporary and following a gluten-free diet is the best ally to stimulate good intestinal health and reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of lactose intolerance

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