New York : 5 celebrities who have looked like a real Barbie

These famous beauties could easily compete with the famous doll

Some women dream of looking as good as the popular Barbie. Today we are going to leave you the examples of some famous women who achieved make the style of the popular doll your own and enchanted their fans with it.

1. Alexa Dellanos

The daughter of Myrka dellanos has known very well how to wear the Barbie look completely well. In this photo she used a white mini dress, her hair down, and even showed the life of luxury that the famous doll would have.

2. Demi Rose

The beautiful and sensual English model was seen personified as Barbie. Her makeup and blonde wig looked amazing on her and everyone wants a miniature version of the model.

3. Kylie Jenner

Kylie also transformed into a Barbie, however she took it to another level by pose even inside your box. Her followers agree to give the wrist more curves.

4. Irina Baeva

Leaving the literal is the actress Irina Baeva, who with her delicate facial features and blonde hair could be a modern and more rebellious version of the traditional Barbie.

5. Geraldine Bazán

The beautiful actress is not completely blonde, however she knows how to get hold of Barbie’s pose and achieves versa in her photographs as delicate as her.

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