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The company had already detected 39 patients in the same factory.

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More than 2,200 workers at Tyson Foods chicken processing facilities in Wilkesboro, North Carolina were evaluated, and 570 tested positive for coronavirus. The company said most workers who had the virus did not have a symptom, according to NPR.

These infections occurred despite the fact that Tyson temporarily closed parts of the facility to do a deep cleanup and give his workers days off.

“The difficult thing is that it is a balancing act. We are trying to protect the community. We are trying to protect Tyson’s team members. But we’re also under the federal government’s mandate to do everything we can to keep that Tyson plant operating to provide food to the nationSaid Ken Noland, city manager for Wilkesboro.

This is the second time this month that the plant has temporarily stopped operations, as it was closed for cleanup earlier this month after an alleged outbreak.

Additionally, previously, the Wilkes County Health Department evaluated 200 factory workers and 39 tested positive for the virus.

The company disclosed that various safety measures have been implemented at the Wilkesboro plant. These include plastic dividers between workstations, daily temperature controls with thermal scans, and even tents outside the premises for more space at break time.

Tyson is Wilkes County’s largest employer, spilling hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy each year.

Tyson said workers who test positive for the virus will receive paid sick leave.

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