New York : 6 tricks to avoid hair loss during winter

New York :

Hair loss is one of the havoc that winter brings. According to Stylist, this is one of the times when hair is most susceptible to falling out because it commonly syncs with the telogen phase of the hair growth cycle.

But nevertheless, we can reduce the Hair loss that occurs in winter from relatively simple actions that will not take long to include and adjust in our lifestyle. We present them below.

1. Take care of your scalp

Healthy hair begins with the follicles, so it is very important to take care of the scalp so that our hairstyle withstands the onslaught of winter.

There are many options for its care, so as long as we apply the right products we will not have concerns associated with this area.

2. Adjust your diet

Hair loss can be caused by nutritional deficienciesSo you could take a look at your diet if you are losing more hair than usual.

If you are in the middle of a restrictive diet, you may want to make it more flexible in order to increase and diversify your nutritional intake. This also applies to the “miracle diets”, Those that promise quick effects through questionable routes.

3. Try the supplements

Supplements won’t really stop your hair loss, but they they will strengthen the follicles that you have on your head, which helps to hide the decrease in your capillary volume.

The supplements that can help you the most are those with a high percentage of silica, a mineral capable of promoting blood circulation in your scalp.

4. Don’t apply excessive heat

It is recommended not to exceed the use of the dryer on the hair because it can accelerate the fall of the hair. Source: Shutterstock

It is not smart to apply too much heat to your hair in the middle of the winter season. This will not only dry out the hair fibers, but can also burn your scalp.

It is convenient that you use a hair dryer with heat regulator so that you can properly manage the heat on the scalp.

5. Replace your towels

Not only does heat promote hair loss, friction does too, and this is something that can occur from the use of conventional towels.

In this sense, you could look for towels that are made with natural fibers that reduce friction with your hair and prevent it from being pulled from the scalp.

6. Change the combs

An inappropriate hair comb is very harmful, constituting one of the most common causes of hair loss.

At this time of year you may prefer to wear a softer hair comb that treats the fibers more gently. This can negatively affect its definition, but that is better than losing volume due to the fall.

All these alternatives can be applied together, which will increase the chances that your hair do not be too affected by the winter season. However, consider how easy it is for you to proceed in this way.

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