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In the United States, Mexican food is one of the most popular ethnic cuisines. But many times the food offered in Mexican-inspired restaurants is not similar to what is consumed in Mexico, which encourages misconceptions about what traditional Mexican cuisine is.

Myth 1: All Mexican food is very spicy.

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Chili is a basic ingredient in Mexican cuisine. It is present in up to 90% of the dishes either directly (chopped or sliced) or as a fundamental ingredient in sauces, marinades, moles and dressings. But nevertheless, not all chiles are hot and not all Mexican dishes contain chili.

There are many typical dishes are little or not spicy, like mole or pozole. In homes, street stalls and restaurants there is usually on the table chili peppers and hot sauces so that everyone be enchile to your liking.

Myth 2: Mexican food is just tacos, burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas.

Preparation of traditional Yucatecan dishes: Photo: Marysol / Creative Commons

Mexican food is not just tacos, burritos, fajitas, and enchiladas. It is worth mentioning that fajitas and burritos are not even a typical Mexican food.

The gastronomy of Mexico is vast and shows an enormous cultural wealth. It was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010 by UNESCO. Maintains the preparation of prehispanic dishes next to tasty preparations product of a mestizo cuisine.

Myth 3: Tacos are made of peel, ground beef and with salad

Basket taco fair, San Vicente Xiloxochitla (Tlaxcala, Mexico). Photo: YLinaresB / Creative Commons

The tacos that you will find in Mexican taquerías are soft omelette. Among the most popular are tacos al pastor, but there are also basket and of many other varieties with different fillings ranging from carnitas to insects.

In addition to sauceDepending on the taco, they can be served with onion and coriander, cabbage, nopales, radishes, chives and even pineapple. Unless it’s golden tacos, usually stuffed with chicken or potato. Crispy ground beef tacos, with cheese and salads with lettuce and tomato are not the most common in Mexico.

Myth 4: Traditional Mexican quesadillas are made of flour tortillas and stuffed with chicken.

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Traditional Mexican quesadillas are prepared with handmade tortillas from white or blue corn. In the center of the country, cheese mixed with leaves of epazote, common ingredients vary by region, there are pumpkin flower, huitlacoche, poblano slices, meat and countless fillings. The quesadillas flour tortilla are prepared mainly in the northern states.

Myth 5: Burritos are a typical Mexican breakfast.

Chilaquiles are one of the most popular breakfasts in Mexico. Photo: Wotancito / Creative Commons

Although in the north of Mexico “northern burritos” are popular, they are not the typical breakfast of the rest of the country. There is a variety of popular breakfasts according to the region, among them are the Chilaquiles, the eggs (to mexican, ranchers …), the enchiladas, enfrijoladas, cakes, snacks and muffins.

Myth 6: nachos are traditional in Mexico

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The nachos are sold in cinemas and in some restaurants, but you don’t commonly find them in all Mexican kitchens and restaurants. The tortilla chips are more common as a snack that they usually put next to salseros and that are the same ones used to prepare chilaquiles.

Myth 7: Chili is popular in Mexico

Chili is a preparation that originated in Texas and that can be found in the north of Mexico, it is not a known dish in the rest of the country where you will hardly find it.

Myth 8: Mexican food is not healthy

The pozole is a complete dish. Photo: Mike and Lara Wolfe / Creative Commons

In Mexico you can eat healthy and varied. It is cooked with different vegetables, legumes, seeds and also foods of animal origin. There are typical dishes that include foods from all groups, As the pozole, which has corn, meat and vegetables, is healthy as long as it is made with lean meat and eaten in adequate portions (cup and a half).

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