New York : 9-year-old boy dies after brutal beating his mother gave him for losing his cell phone

New York :

There are parents who find it difficult to control their anger and anger, especially when one of their children can perform some bad action or mischief, and sometimes, the reactions of the elderly can be fatal.

Sadly, In China, a 9-year-old boy died from the fatal angry reaction his mother had when she found out that he had lost his cell phone.

According to information released by China News, andThe boy was playing in the snow and carried his cell phone with him and suddenly, he realized that he no longer had it, so he quickly started looking for it without being able to find it.

Crying, the boy went to find his mother to tell her what had happened. Furious, the woman decided to give the minor an exemplary punishment, tying him by the hands and feet to a chair with duct tape and then began beating him with a stick.

According to the aforementioned medium, the corrective lasted for about 5 hours. The boy fainted and his body remained practically naked in an extremely cold room until he died.

The mother was arrested and defended herself arguing that what was done by her son only triggered a stress crisis that has caused her to abandon her husband and have to support her children alone, in addition to taking over the house.

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