New York : A man in a helmet entered a Miami condo and shot a resident, who is fighting for his life.

Police are investigating this puzzling case that has neighbors very concerned

Miami police are searching for a man in a helmet who went to the semi-private island of Brickell Key, He entered a condo and then shot several bullets at a man.

Police said the shooter shot the man when the resident he was at his own door, inside the Isola condo located at 770 Claughton Island. Witnesses said it appeared that five or six shots had been fired.

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The events began sometime after 1:30 pm on Thursday. The suspect, armed with a gun, took the elevator and went to the apartment on the 15th floor.

“He was greeted by the owner / resident of one of the apartments inside and that’s when the shooter started shooting the resident out of the door. The man left, got off the elevator and leftSaid Kenia Fallat, a Miami police spokeswoman.

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The authorities arrived around 1:50 pm. A resident, who did not want to be identified, said he heard gunshots, and moments later saw the gunman emerge. The only distinguishing feature was that the man wore a white motorcycle helmet with “some stripes”.

Police explained that the suspect fled in a newer blue SUV. He is described as a white man, slim build, and possibly in his 20s. Detectives are on the scene trying to find out if the two men had any kind of relationship. The victim was shot multiple times in the stomach.

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They are watching surveillance videos of the condo complex and the surrounding areas.

The victim was taken to the Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, where you are in critical condition.