New York : A tray of fruit and cold cuts from Costco seeks to seduce your palate for only $ 19.99

The snack table aims to become one of the company’s flagship foods

Offering snacks seeks to considerably increase the sales of a product.

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Costco’s prepared foods section has long been the star of the company until the coronavirus pandemic hit. Whenever you entered it, your palate was surprised by a great variety of delicious free product samples while you made your purchases. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the store announced that it would stop delivering food.

Offering snacks inside the stores has one objective: significantly increase sales. The strategy works so well that in 2014 Costco increased the sale of its pizzas by more than 600 percent just for offering a food trial.

As the pandemic passes, Costco is relaxing some of its prevention measures by reopening the food court offering certain products. Over time food samples will be implemented slowly and they will not allow people to take them directly with their hands.

While that situation is regularized, the next time you visit a Costco store there is a table of sandwiches that will be irresistible to your palate. Is about a tray of cheeses and fruit that has everything you need to taste since all its products are packaged.

The tray contains almonds, strawberries, FIG jam, grapes, Double cream cheese and two different types of hard cheese plus crackers. Its cost is $ 20 dollars And its size is ideal for one person or two, so you don’t have to worry about wasting food or buying a whole jar of jam.

Instagram account @costco_empties reviewed the sausage chart on August 12. In the caption of the photo it says that they spoke with one of the employees who assured them that it is a new offer.

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If you like sandwiches, that option is ready to enjoy. The cheese and fruit board is ideal for an aperitif or to enjoy a series or movie with your partner and accompany it with a bottle of wine.

The cheese and fruit tray can be an excellent reward to your whim at the end of your work from home or simply to to please your palate if you are a lover of sandwiches.

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