New York : Adamari is excited to mention the premiere of “La Suerte de Ada”

New York :

After announcing the return of “Shorty” of Today to the performance and the hand of his house Telemundo, much has been said about “The Luck of Ada” and she herself could not contain her excitement when talking about the premiere this Thursday. His partner Chiqui Baby He asked her for a preview of what they would see of her and the presenter responded as well as very excited, with a lot of humor.

“Just as you have your podcast of the ChiquipodWell, I also want to enter it. I compete with all of them, including the producer Loli ”, were part of the artist’s funny words to her partner.

There are 20 years that Adamari Lopez has been away from acting and now returns with this comedy that is the parody of “The Luck of Loli”. On some other occasion, the Puerto Rican said that she felt “Butterflies in her stomach, since she had made the decision for a long time.” The host’s fans are eager to see one of her spoiled girls in action.

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