New York : Adamari López and La Chiquibaby captured looks dressed in white Christmas

New York :

Today the beautiful conductors of A new day, Adamari Lopez and the Chiqui Baby They surprised by combining their outfits with a color as pure and as appropriate for these times as white. In addition, it is one of the typical colors of this Christmas season.

The favorites of the television network Telemundo and of the spectators captivated the social networks. Refering to Chiqui Baby, We already know that she has been training for a long time here and that is why she decided on a short and very fitted dress, accompanied by boots of the same color, which gave her a sexy and sophisticated look.

For its part, “Shorty” She wore a slightly loose white blouse that was seen in the remote transmission she made from her home, as the same pandemic situation has forced her not to expose her health, which was so affected precisely by the flu some time ago.

There is no doubt that this couple of beauties know how to make their audience drool, not only with the beauty of both but with all the energy and sympathy that they impress in the morning.

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