New York : Adamari López dazzles everyone with a pantsuit and new tabs

New York :

Once again, the actress and host of “Today”She surprised all her fans by wearing a green pantsuit, a style that is rarely seen in the Puerto Rican. We already know that you prefer skirts and dresses. And as? If her legs are one of her most relevant attractions after her beautiful eyes.

This is precisely why the morning of today was flattered on the account of Instagram of the show Telemundo. The Puerto Rican wore quite long eyelashes with a lot of volume, which made it difficult to concentrate on anything other than her spectacular gaze, because it really stood out even from a distance.

There’s no doubt Adamari Lopez She has been giving a radical change to her image for a while and many will think that it is something new in the artist, but the reality is that she has a year dedicated to her health in every way. Not only are he diet and exercise but he has also been in charge of cultivating his spirit through yoga and meditation. Without a doubt, a turnaround that everyone notices and applauds.

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