New York : Adamari López does not follow Chiquibaby’s game over Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez

New York :

Adamari Lopez was again absent from the forum of “A new day“But not gossip. The spoiled little girl was present virtually on the Telemundo morning to comment on the latest of the shows.

From the studio, Chiqui Baby presented the note where Chiquis Rivera confirms that she is not pregnant after rumors that she was expecting a baby and had already reconciled with Lorenzo Mendez.

“I love her, usually she stops to talk and it is always clearer but I am sure that the moment she finds or considers correct, sitting down and talking to the press, will clarify everything that is happening. ”López commented.

Lopez, being a celebrity, never compromises much with her comments since she knows what it is like for commentators to talk about her private life. What he said on the subject of Chiquis and Lorenzo was cute and non-controversial.

However, it was Chiquibaby who had a much harsher perspective. The driver said she would like Lorenzo and Chiquis to reconcile and have a baby, but she had a theory about all the latest fuss.

I have my theory and my theory is that she is simply having a good relationship with Lorenzo, she is not pregnant … and how curious that Lorenzo Méndez is releasing a single today. It’s like everything a bit… ..mmmChiquibaby explained to a nervous smile from Adamari.

Maybe they have such a good relationship that Lorenzo asked Chiquis for a strike, who we know is much more famous than him, and said, ‘You know what, help me so that my single goes well.‘”Chiquibaby continued.

Adamari put a brake on the theory and avoided following the flow of his partner saying, “In the end, if it is for the good for the two of them to be together, let it be and if not, let each one go their own way and be happy. Although, she no longer follows Mr. Tempo on social media“.

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