New York : America thrashes Tijuana and takes the lead in Liga MX

With absences and without showing spectacular football, America he knew how to solve his second game of Guard1anes 2020 and thrashed 4-0 at Xolos of Tijuana at the Olympic University Stadium, to become leaders of the tournament with 6 points.

The first minutes were balanced, and even the frontiers were able to go to the front through the penal route, but the referee checked in the Var an alleged lack of Bruno Valdez , and decided to cancel the play out of place.

After that, América was the owner and master of the match, opening the scoring with a goal from three quarters of the Richard Sanchez, to go to rest with the advantage.

In the complementary part, the Eagles demonstrated their offensive power and after insisting on several occasions, the second entry came, in charge of Bruno Valdez, after a center of Roger Martinez that the Uruguayan corrected Federico Viñas.

Minutes later the Uruguayan striker from America left the court for Henry Martin, who had a dreamy night in the 15 minutes he played, as he scored a double. First after a rejection of Jonathan Orozco before the shot of Roger Martínez, and later pushing the ball into the nets with the assistance of Alonso Escoboza.

América has six goals in favor and only one against in just two days of the tournament, with which they took the lead and on the following date they will visit Necaxa. While, Xolos he kept three units and in his next game they will receive Tigers.