New York : Amid rumors, Chiquibaby returns to Un Nuevo Día and the absent one in the study is Adamari López

New York :

Having spent much of the past week away from the morning show of Telemundo, ‘A new day‘, the Chiqui Baby She returned home and boy did she do it in a very sexy way, with a very short white dress with a red print that showed off her legs.

However, the great absent in study was the spoiled Adamari Lopez, who broadcast from his home. So the absence was not quite felt. Let’s remember that this program has been undergoing many changes with its drivers and content for a few months. Even recently Javier Ceriani claimed this show “It would come to an end within and that” La Chaparrita “and Chiquibaby will become reporters while the content of the program that would be at this time would be informative.”

The truth is that these rumors have not yet been confirmed, nor denied by the television network. Meanwhile, these two gorgeous female hosts continue to captivate audiences not only with their beauty but with their charisma as well.

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