New York : And the leader? America lost again and thrashed against Monterrey

America and Miguel Herrera were exhibited for the second consecutive game in the Guard1anes 2020, and lost 3-1 to Monterrey on their return to the Azteca Stadium, in which they had not played since last March.

The meeting was a deja vu of the final of the Apertura 2019, where the Rayados became champions, but now, it served them to add their second triumph of the tournament and of all of 2020, at the expense of some Eagles that are not working as a team , and that they had won their first matches thanks to individual flashes, those that did not appear today, well Sebastián Córdova and Federico Viñas they did not appear in the Colossus of Santa Úrsula.

The story started badly when they lost Bruno Valdéz due to injury, being replaced by Emanuel Aguilera, that a few minutes after entering he committed a penalty on Nicolás Sánchez, same that the defender of Rayados executed to perfection.

The second goal was not long in falling. After a corner kick, Jesus gallardo finished the ball and the rebound was for Vincent Janssen who extended the advantage to go to rest with a 2-0 in favor.

Herrera admitted Sergio Diaz, but it did not help much, because everything went in senseless centers and lateral balls. The Eagles’ opportunity came with the expulsion of Janssen for a double warning, and later with the penalty of Celso ortiz about Henry Martin, who scored Emanuel Aguilera to discount.

It was all an illusion, because after 5 minutes he was expelled Roger Martinez and Monterrey knew how to take advantage of the numerical equality, ending the match with the third goal, through Maximiliano Meza.

In compensation time, the “Turk” Mohamed put his son Shayr Mohamed on the court, but a reckless tackle on Sergio Díaz sent him to the showers, with less than a minute on the court and without touching the ball.

America He has already lost the leadership and fell to third position, but not only that, but they again showed that the team lacks idea, mystique, teamwork, leadership and, if that were not enough, a technician who knows how to modify in key moments . Those from Coapa will visit on the 7th day Athletic San Luis, while Rayados, who climbed to fifth place with 9 points, will receive Juarez.