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The driver received a shower of compliments after sharing an image from her bed

Andrea Legarreta, host of “Hoy”.

Saúl Díaz / Reform Agency

Andrea Legarreta She is one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television, but also on social networks, where she continually shares daring images that make millions of users fall in love.

In addition to being charismatic, the host of the program ‘Hoy’ stands out for her physical beauty, which is why practically any photograph she shares on her official Instagram account captivates the hearts of her loyal fans; Such is the case of his most recent publication, in which he was seen posing from the comfort of his bed.

On this occasion, the wife of Erik Rubín Wished his 4.4 good night. millions of followers with a sensual image.

Now yes … I disconnect in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … # QueSueñasCuandoSueñas“He wrote along with the snapshot that obtained about 70 thousand red hearts and hundreds of comments in which his followers highlighted their beauty.

Divine“,”Gorgeous“,”The most beautiful“,”How beautiful you are I love you“,”A scandal of beauty and sympathy“,”She is very beautiful“,”I think you are the woman of my dreams“,”Woman beauty“Were some messages that the 48-year-old actress received.

Some famous as Grettell Valdez, Africa Zavala and Anna Martin joined the rain of compliments directed at Legarreta.