New York : Andrea Legarreta responds to women who criticize her for her age

The star of the program ‘Hoy’ clarified that it has always seemed ridiculous to take away the years, which is why he never would

Andrea Legarreta, host of the “Hoy” program.

Photo: Saúl Díaz / Agencia Reforma

The actress and host, Andrea Legarreta, celebrated her birthday on July 12, and despite receiving thousands of congratulations and good wishes from her followers, she was also a victim of criticism on social networks, in response to this, she responded to her detractors with a loving message that was published in her social networks.

Through her official Instagram account, the Mexican took with a sense of humor the criticism she received a few weeks ago during her 49th birthday, assuring that she loves her age, what she has lived and learned. However, he also referred to women, specifically, who attacked her by claiming that she was much older:

Some spoke of how OLD I am and others said that of course I am not 49. That I have a LOT more! That they were very small when they saw me and that I shouldn’t take away my age!“He wrote next to the image in which he appears wearing a shirt with the date of birth and the phrase” Limited edition “.

Given these indications, the star of the program ‘Today’ clarified that it has always seemed ridiculous to take away the years, which is why he would never do it, because on the contrary, he feels great respect for older people and with this example he has educated their daughters, Mine and Girl:

I have never had a problem with my age or someone else’s… I don’t despise anyone for being younger or older than me… In fact, people older than me generate a lot of interest and respect (they have so much to teach us) I have taught my daughters to respect, enjoy and live life to the fullest regardless of their age And I remind you often that life is ONE and that no matter how old you live your life to the fullest. ”

Legarreta He shared that he is not interested in giving more attention to conflictive situations, comments or attacks that arise due to his age, as this seems “stupid” to him.

What is in the minds of people who decide to call mummies people who have a great journey through life, who have left their mark and are an example to others over the years … I have seen how they insult and attack BIG figures because they already look ‘old’ as if aging was a bad thing!“He expressed.

The protagonist of the children’s soap opera “Vivan los Niños” ended by assuring that she will continue trying to live her life as it is, improvising, learning, but first of all thanking for the person who is: “Above all THANKFUL for every second of my life!