New York : Angelica María suffers a painful loss and dresses in mourning

New York :

Angelica María suffers a painful loss and dresses in mourning

Angelica Maria.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

The legendary actress Angelica Maria She is going through a difficult time, as she communicated to her followers through her Twitter account that she had to fire a being who accompanied her for 19 years of her life and to whom she took the opportunity to dedicate emotional words.

“My precious children: Yesterday I said goodbye to my almost 19-year-old companion, ‘Mozart’. Thank you, my baby, for all the love and happiness you gave me! I will miss and love you, always!”, Wrote ‘La Novia de México’.

The death of his faithful pet and who had been a central figure in the life of the actress, It occurs nearly 18 months after he underwent delicate spinal surgery for attacks of tremors.

‘Mozart’ was present at every important moment that Angelica undertook, even on the recording sets and family trips, so it will be difficult for her to bear the loss. Just as She assured the press by saying that she was not prepared to fire him and that if she had to, she would no longer adopt another pet.

Here’s one of the best on-screen memories of ‘Mozart’:

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