New York : Another million people filed for unemployment benefits last week

There has only been one week – at the beginning of August – with less than a million complaints since March

Lawmakers are still debating extra support for the unemployed.

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

Another million US workers filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday, according to .’s news portal.

The report met the expectations of economists. Until now, there has only been one week – at the beginning of August – with less than a million claims since March, when the pandemic began to make a dent in the country’s companies.

On ongoing jobless claims, which count people who filed for at least two weeks in a row, it stood at 14.5 million.

This is a good sign when there is an ongoing decline in claims, as it means that many people who had lost their jobs have already gotten one.

Total, 27 million workers in the country have applied for some type of unemployment assistance in various government programs during the week ending August 8.

It should be noted that the extra $ 600 dollars they were giving in unemployment benefits expired at the end of July and lawmakers have not approved any other support since then.

On the other hand, President Trump signed an executive order in which he took funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency in order to provide $ 300 support to the unemployed. In this plan, states can add another $ 100 to bring the amount up to $ 400, but many entities said they could not pay this money.

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