New York : Antonio Texeira from ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ confesses that he has questioned whether it is worth being in the show

New York :

Antonio Texeira from 'Al Rojo Vivo' confesses that he has questioned whether it is worth being in the show

Jessica Carrillo and Antonio Texeira.

Photo: Telemundo / Telemundo

Antonio Texeira, presenter of the new stage of ‘Red Hot’, next to Jessica Carrillo, He made a confession that surprised many and moved others by his sincere words.

“X-ray of a monosyllable. This happens when I complete a month in my new job. I can not take anymore. Without confessing it, I say. I have wondered five times now whether it is worth being here. There is something strange when one asks the same thing five times “, begins by saying the text of the Spanish journalist.

And then he continues with the following answer to himself: “… And even more anomalous when five times point-blank a resounding” yes. ” With tilde. Of those that indicate certainty. That’s what this story is about.

Although it is not the most complicated job I have had, it is the one that requires the most responsibility. Out of immense respect for an audience that is grateful, intelligent, and yet so often treated like a broken toy. With her I continue to weave that alliance that began at the local level 4 years ago, through tacos (from asada), in my beloved city of Las Vegas. The best bet of my life.

For this new procedure I am convinced by the best – if you allow me to stay short. I have full faith in this group of journalists who, for the most part, I do not see because of the confinement. I only hear them on conference calls. They speak, propose, analyze, resolve. Without a single “is that”, without a single “but”. I look forward to the headline of the end of the pandemic to, among other things, spread hugs among these people I admire and I will cook a paella that will take three days to digest.

In exchange, I will only order a Cuban coffee -a coladita- that I religiously take two sips before each program. It gives me that fast pace that is so necessary for starts. Like the “yes”. The one that I will continue to drop when asking myself for @alrojovivo, for @telemundo. As if it was not perfectly clear … “, concludes.

Let us remember that on October 26, the new stage of ‘Red Hot’. The transition that started when she was fired is over Maria Celeste Arrarás, and they were officially introduced to their two drivers: Jessica Carrillo Y Antonio Texeira.

Jessica was already in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ for almost 7 years and Antonio was brought from the Las Vegas affiliate where he was the presenter of the news. A month away, and with the ratings in his favor, this is how the Spanish journalist feels.

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