New York : Apple announces the arrival of the AirPods Max at a price of $ 549

New York :

Apple announces the arrival of the AirPods Max at a price of $ 549

The price of the new headphones are priced similarly to a PlayStation 5 console.

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This Tuesday Manzana announced the arrival of the AirPods Max noise canceling headphones that will be released on December 15 At a price of $ 549 dollars.

The AirPods Max They promise to be more comfortable when used over longer periods of time and offer Siri assistant support features and can connect faster with the iPhone. The headphones have the option of listening to the noises around you while walking on a busy street.

The AirPods Max They have built-in sensors that allow them to detect if they are in your ears and stop if you remove them or answer a phone call.

The controversy over the price of AirPods Max

Most headphones from Sony, Bose, or even Apple’s own brand, Beats, are priced at around $ 350. The new headphones are priced similar to that of a PlayStation 5 console.

Some technology experts mention that the price is high and may be due to the materials such as the steel with which the headband is made. Apple also added a feature for professional speakers to keep sound distortion below 1 percent.

The AirPods Max They are powered by two of Apple’s H1 chips instead of just one that help analyze and adjust noise cancellation up to 200 times per second. They also come with a small bag with magnets that tell the headphones to go into a low power mode to help save battery life when not in use.

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There are also other features like the digital volume control knob, similar to that of an Apple Watch. The company promises that the new headphones will last up to 20 hours what is on par or even below the competitors.

The AirPods Max could be attractive to travelers who need noise-canceling headphones and are available in five colors: silver, gray, blue, green and pink.

Apple’s “other product” revenue, which includes AirPods and Apple watch have grown during the last quarters achieving an increase in revenues of 20.9% during the fourth quarter.

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