New York : Becky Evans, the car influencer who impacts with her beauty and passion for cars

Becky Evans started her career in cars as a child.

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson / .

Becky evans is a car influencer who has turned her passion into an impressive career, as she even started competing and is now one of the most famous “carfluencers” in the world.

Despite her young age, 26, the British has two decades in the automotive industry.

Your series Girls Guide To, where he explains the pros and cons of various cars, are his most successful videos, although he acknowledges that his audience is 90 percent male.

Her impressive career on social media has led to a collaboration with Redbull and a concert as host of the online program Drift Queen.

In an interview with Marie Claire, she said the Internet was shocked to see a girl driving a car when her career began.

“Once I got out of the races, I wanted to stay close to the cars, so I posted photos of the modification I made to my car at the time,” he told the magazine.

“And when I built my BMW E-21 and pulled that out, things went crazy. It was as if the Internet had never seen a girl with [un] vintage car”.

However, she insists that she has never experienced sexism in the industry.

“In any case, it is not sexism that I have found, but elitism: if I have experienced sexism it has crossed my mind.”