New York began reopening its schools

15 minutes. The city of New York began on Monday the staggered reopening of its public schools, which closed last month after a rebound in COVID-19 infections in the city, with the opening of primary education centers (up to 5 years).

At a press conference, the mayor, Bill de Blasio, indicated that there is still no return date for schoolchildren over 5 years old. However, it hopes that all schools of different degrees of education can resume classes throughout December and January.

Of the 335,000 students enrolled in face-to-face classes, 190,000 will rejoin this week. They will be tested weekly to detect if they are infected with COVID-19, while the rest will continue to receive distance education.

Total, this week 850 primary schools will reopen their doors. In 150 of them face-to-face education will be reintroduced, instead of blended as was done until now to try to prevent the spread of the virus, as stated by the Councilor for Education, Richard Carranza.

Prior closure of the education system

The closure of the educational system in New York unleashed a great rejection among parents’ associations and on Sunday teachers and parents from middle and high schools grouped in the “Keep NYC Schools Open” platform called in front of the Mayor’s Office for the immediate return to the classrooms for 145,000 students from fifth to twelfth grade who were receiving face-to-face education and have no return date yet.

Among the group’s claims, some parents said their jobs are essential, so they cannot supervise their children at home. They also considered remote education to be elitist.

For his part, a veteran math teacher assured that it is difficult for students to learn at a distance and they are “suffering a lot”.

The closure of the educational system of New York City, one of the largest in the country, occurred on November 19 after the positivity rate in the metropolis reached 3%, a figure that has not stopped growing and that yesterday it stood at 4.98%, as De Blasio announced this Monday.

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