New York : Bella Thorne sells her pink jungle mansion for $ 2.55 million

Bella Thorne’s quaint mansion is looking for a buyer.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / .

The famous pink house of Bella Thorne, located in Sherman Oaks, California, is looking for a new owner, after the talented actress decided to put it up for sale.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the property of 4,500 square feet, has a value of $ 2.55 million dollars and it was bought by the actress in 2016.

The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, it is noteworthy that no room is the same as the other, because Bella wanted to give them their own style.


As soon as the main door is crossed, potential buyers will come across a colorful hall and the staircase that connects to the upper floor, the steps of which are painted in the colors of the rainbow.

At the foot of the stairs there are four doors that attract attention for their different tones. One is red, one is blue, one is yellow, and the fourth is pink.

On the wall of the stairs there is a mural, which is striking for having two UFOs, with various mushrooms and the face of a woman.


As with its hall, the kitchen is very colorful, because although the cupboard is mainly white, its doors were painted in different shades.

The room, which is quite spacious, has stainless steel appliances and an island in the center, which is illuminated by seven light bulbs.

Dinning room

Her dining room is completely painted pink, including her furniture. Its table, which looks like something out of a girls’ game, has space for six people.

The different tone is given by the figure of a dinosaur, who was endowed with a pink tutu, as if it were a ballet dancer.

Living room

His living room was painted in different shades of blue and green, colors that are even present in his ceiling lamp and in the frame of his paintings.

The room also has a fireplace, which becomes your best friend in hot weather.


His closet, like that of any celebrity, is extremely spacious. In the center is an island, lined with stuffed animals, where Bella could sit down to try on her extensive collection of footwear.


The bathroom in the main bedroom is simply spectacular for having various elements alluding to a jungle.

Her multi-storey dresser has a large wall-to-wall mirror as well as a couple of sinks.

The room is equipped with a bathtub that the celebrity adorned with various types of plants.

Swimming pool

Outside, the property has a swimming pool surrounded by large trees and a small living room.

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