New York : Beluga goes around the world for the happiness she showed when she was released

A couple of days ago it took place in Iceland an operation called Vestmannaeyjar, which It consisted of achieving the liberation of a beluga that is called “Little Gray” and of his companion “Little White”, after spending several years in captivity.

Both belugas were transferred on August 7 to an acclimatization pool before being taken to a marine sanctuary built in Klettsvik Bay, next to the Westman Islands, off the southern coast of Iceland.

The work was carried out by a group of experts, made up of environmentalists and veterinarians, who assured that these cetaceans are healthy

The joy is justified in the case of Little Gray and also of his companion Little White because these two magnificent specimens of beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) are one step away from liberation in an open natural space, after many years of captivity.

The fact was announced on the website of Whale and Dolphin Conservation, one of the organizations that has led the recovery process of these two belugas. “This is the first time that Little Gray and Little White have been at sea since they were recovered from a Russian whale research facility in 2011,” said a statement.

The fact has gone viral after a photograph of “Little Gray” was shared, which can be seen extremely happy, as if he were smiling.