New York : Biden seeks to seduce Puerto Rican voters on his campaign trip to South Florida

The Democratic presidential candidate’s visit comes after a poll showed Trump leading the Latino vote

Biden surrounded himself with Puerto Rican artists at his event.

Photo: Drew Angerer / .

In his bid to win the Latino vote in South Florida, Democratic candidate Joe Biden put the focus this Tuesday on the Puerto Rican community. The former vice president’s visit to the Democratic state comes days after a poll by NBC News and Marist revealed that the president Donald Trump leads the Latino vote by four percentage points.

The 2016 Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, won the Hispanic vote in Florida by 25 percentage points, although she lost to Trump in the state as a whole. The NBC poll suggests that support for Biden among this important demographic in a key state is 29 points below Clinton’s.

To the Republicans tend to fare better with Florida’s Hispanic voters than with those of other places due to the great concentration in the state of Cuban Americans, who lean towards the conservative party.

On Saturday, the Biden campaign unveiled three new Spanish-language ads to run in Florida, each targeting a specific group of Hispanic voters.

A day later, advisers to billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced that the former Democratic primary candidate will spend $ 100 million to support Biden in Florida.

This Tuesday, first day of Latino heritage month, the message of Biden’s campaign went straight to Puerto Ricans. The democrat went to Osceola County, with a large number of people linked to the Caribbean island, and surrounded himself with Puerto Rican artists such as actress Eva Longoria or singer Ricky Martin.

From there, Biden attacked his political adversary head-on. “Even after being president for four years, Donald Trump does not seem to understand that the people of Puerto Rico are already a US citizen,” he said.

“I am running to be president of all Americans, including 3 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico. I will not steal the money that is desperately needed to rebuild the island, to build a wall not keeping Americans safe, “he said.

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