New York : California exceeds half a million cases and would rank fifth in the world if it were a country

In addition to the disgraceful figure, on Friday the first death of a teenager by coronavirus in the state was reported.

The bear statue, symbol of California, at the Oakland Zoo.

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The state of California reached Friday the undesirable mark of the 500,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Although the report released on Friday afternoon by state authorities was a total of 493,588 confirmed cases, the figure exceeded half a million with the cases accounted for during the day, including those of the Los Angeles Times database.

To get a better idea of ​​what this figure represents, below is the list of more coronavirus cases globally by country:

1. United States 4,705,889
2. Brazil 2,666,298
3. India 1,697,054
4. Russia 839,981
5. South Africa 493,183
6. Mexico 424,637
7. Peru 407,492
8. Chile 355,667
9. Spain 335,602
10. Iran 304,204

That is California, if classified as a country, would rank fifth in the world only below the US, Brazil, India and Russia.

California, coincidentally, would rank fifth in the world in economy if it were a country.

Los Angeles County, the most populous in the country, constitutes a large part of the total number of cases with more than 188,000 after the day’s report.

Riverside (37,308) and San Bernardino (32,230), which make up the Inland Empire area in southern California, accompany Orange (36,196) and San Diego (29,111) at the top of the list according to New York Times data, in which it is observed that Kern, in the Central Valley (19,552), is the reddest county in the state, that is, that of highest number of cases per capita at the moment.

On Friday, the first official death of a teenager in the state, who was said to be a person from the Central Valley, where the pandemic has been raging for a few weeks.

The states of Florida (470,378) and Texas (440,706) also approximate half a million cases of COVID-19, above New York (419,723).


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