New York : Can you specifically request the IRS to send you the stimulus check as a debit card?

Some receive their stimulus check with direct payment to their bank accounts, with a paper check, or on a debit card

Illustrative image of a debit card sent by the Treasury Department.

Photo: Department of the Treasury / Courtesy

Those people who cannot receive their stimulus check by direct payment, will receive their financial support through a paper check that will arrive in the mail and, in some cases, by credit card, as reported on the IRS website.

The Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS), which is a section of the Treasury Department that works with the IRS to determine the distribution of stimulus checks, is the one that decide which taxpayers will receive their money through a debit card.

This means that, at the moment, it is not possible for people to ask to receive their financial support with a debit card, since that is the decision of the BFS.

The BFS sent almost 4 million debit cards to citizens since the middle of May. However, people cannot choose to receive the deposit through a card.

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