New York —

With her back to the camera and with a look as sexy as daring, the rapper exposed the tattoo that runs down her back from her neck, through her butt, down to her leg.

Cardi B He has boasted on Instagram the new tattoo that now runs all over his back. This begins its journey from the neck and practically spreads throughout the left buttock, then down the leg to the back of the thigh on the same side.

For the souvenir photograph Cardi combined the color of her wig with her blue bag of the brand Hermes. And her hair also has green touches that also combine with the green thong in her bikini, which in turn also look perfectly with her brand high-heeled sandals Louis Vuitton.

At the moment it is known that the artist who has worked on the Cardi B tattoo is Jamie Schene from the Union 3 Tattoo studio in California.