New York : Carolina Sandoval sings and dances like Selena Quintanilla and they call her “Vieja mantecosa”

New York :

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval He is always in tune with the trends of everything that happens, not in vain his career is that of journalism. That is why he decided to make arepas, a typical food from his native country. Venezuela, singing songs and moving her hips as if it were the very Selena quintanilla. This, for the recent premiere of the singer’s series in Netflix.

But, as is customary, the retractors of “The Poisonous” they could not stand it and they went over with everything. “Ridiculous”, “Take videos with the family and she is always jumping like crazy” Y “This old buttery …”, were some of the most controversial comments that could be read in the comments section of the Venezuelan.

However, another fairly majority group had a blast with the genius of the former driver of Tell me what you know and they even sent him compliments. This certainly proves that for Carolina Those comments pass by and that his creativity is more on the surface than ever. It is seldom known what can come out between “The Breakfast with Expensive” Y “El Trasnocho con Caro”.

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