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The amazing feline was adopted by a young Russian man who could not believe that the animal was real

Generally speaking, pets are always cute and adorable. In the case of Joseph cat , a Scottish Fold Two-year-old is not only a cute and cuddly animal, but also has picturesque and incredible detail: he has different colored eyes. One is light blue and the other is yellow.

This particular white-haired feline was adopted in by Evgenil Petrov, a 29-year-old Russian, who lives in Saint Petersburg, and who said that, before meeting Joseph, he had “lost all hope” of finding a kitten with which he had a good connection.

Petrov said his adversarial search for a pet ended when he first saw a photo of Joseph on the Internet. Although at first “I did not believe” that the animal was real, due to the particularity of its eyes, in completely different shades from each other, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

But it seems that the cat’s uniqueness was not attractive to many people, quite the opposite. His breeder said that he had not been able to sell or give the animal up for adoption for about five months, until Petrov appeared.

The young Russian noted that the connection with the cat was immediate: “It was definitely love at first sight,” he said. I called and was happy when I heard that the photo was real. A day later, Joseph was at home. “

As for the condition of the feline, its owner explained that it is something called heterochromia and that fortunately it does not cause any complication in the health or sight of the animal, which remains as acute as that of any other of its species.

“Heterochromia is a rare condition, especially in Scottish Fold cats,” he added.

Anyone who wants to enjoy looking at this particular and tender feline can enter the Instagram page that Petrov opened to share photos of his pet, on the @who_is_joseph account.

There, the cat has so far close to 900 followers, but little by little the number is increasing, and the messages for Joseph are always flattering.

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