New York : Cautious Man: The curious clause that Antonio Mohamed puts in all his contracts

Antonio Mohamed declared that there is a clause that always puts in his contracts before linking with any team, which “releases” him if called to go to the Mexican or Argentine team.

For anyone who knows him, it is a secret that “El Turco” dreams of leading the teams in his most beloved countries, for this reason, and despite the fact that it has never happened, he always prevents and adds the condition of his departure for this reason to all your contracts.

This means that, despite the fact that the strategist has a contract to lead Scratched until December 2021You could leave earlier if you get an opportunity to work with either of the two combined.

“I would like to direct the Argentina team or the Mexican team. If “Tata” Martino does not follow, it would be a goal, “he commented to Miter Sports.

And although he knows that the possibility still seems a bit distant, the coach believes in himself and prevents himself by anything.

I have confidence in myself. Always when he signed with a team I put Mexico and Argentina as the first requirement. Then a lot can happen, “the coach told ESPN.

Finally, on how difficult it could be to manage one of the best footballers of today in the albiceleste, he mentioned that he would accept the challenge: “I don’t feel it is difficult to direct Messi. I would like to direct it“He concluded.

It should be remembered that last December, Mohamed demonstrated that he can be a great strategist, at the level of the best in the world, since he put in check the best club in the world, Liverpool by Jürgen Klopp, who could not defeat Rayados in time regular of the semifinal of the Club World Cup.