New York : Chadwick Boseman dies on the day of Jackie Robinson, whom he played

The terrible loss of Chadwick Boseman coincided with the day dedicated to Jacky Robinson, the character he played in the tape “42”

This Friday actor Chadwick Boseman died in a surprising way, at age 43 in Los Angeles from colon cancer, the interpreter died just on the day of Jacky Robinson, the player he played in the movie “42”.

The film starring Chadwick Boseman honors Jackie Robinson jplayer for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and who was the first black player in the Major Leagues.

Just this Friday the Jackie Robinson day was commemorated, even the Houston Astros and the Oakland Athletics left the field together after keeping a moment of silence and covered the plate with a Black Lives Matter t-shirt, curiously, the date coincided with the terrible loss of Chadwick Boseman played by the player.

The race of Boseman was noted for his portrayal of African American legends of all kindsFrom James Brown’s musical hurricane to the baseball myth Jackie Robinson to the invincible black hero Black Panther.

Chadwick Boseman represented African American pride in 21st century Hollywood which is still a long way from racial equality on the big screen.

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