New York : Chamber approves impeachment of Donald Trump for “incitement to insurrection”

New York :

The House of Representatives approved the impeachment against the president Donald trump for “incitement to insurrection.”

In the debate, several Republicans considered that the Democrats’ proposal does not help heal the country, but the former were questioned for allowing Trump’s divisive discourse and conspiracy theories to advance.

“We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection, this armed rebellion against our country. He must go, he is a clear and present danger for the nation we all love, ”said the Speaker of the House, Nancy pelosi (California).

He added that President Trump has spread conspiracy theories about the electoral process, which affects the democratic process. The climactic moment of his accusations was on Wednesday, January 6, the day of the invasion of the Capitol, when the vote of the Electoral College in favor of the president-elect was certified. Joe biden.

“It was that incendiary day that we all experience. The president must be accused, ”he said, defending Resolution 24.

Republicans faced a split, as Rep. Jim jordan (Ohio), one of the president’s loyal supporters, called for the removal of Liz cheney (Wyoming) as president of the Republican Conference of the House, due to her support for the process against the president.

In the debate, Jordan accused the Democrats of persecuting President Trump, over and over again, “of canceling him.”

“It has always been about getting the president whatever happens. It is an obsession, an obsession that is now expanding … Stop and think about it. Does a First Amendment have a role when the culture of cancellation only allows one side to speak? When can you not even have a debate in this country? … The culture of cancellation will come to all of us ”.

Although I support that President Trump should have condemned the violence on Capitol Hill and has responsibility for the actions of his supporters, the minority leader in the House, Kevin McCarthy (California), said it would be counterproductive to pass a new trial against the president.

“The president is responsible for the attack on Congress on Wednesday by the rioters. He should have immediately condemned the mob when he saw what was unfolding, ”he said. “(But) I think that accusing the president in such a short time would be a mistake. Investigations have not been completed. No hearings have been held ”.

The oxygen to conspiracy theories

Prior to the debate on the accusation article, the representatives established a debate on the procedure.

“Our Republican friends … appeal to unity, but do not recognize that for four years several of them oxygenated Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories,” he launched Jim McGovern (Massachusetts).

Republican Jordan criticized Democrats for opposing Trump’s triumph in 2016, although Democrat Hillary Clinton that year accepted her defeat and called on her contender to concede the election.

Jordan accused McGovern already Jamie Raskin (Maryland) to object to the triumph of President Trump, for which he considered that they are handled with a “double standard”.

“Guess who was the first to object on January 6, 2017? … The Democratic Chairman of the Rules Committee,” Jordan said. “Are they telling us that we are trying to reverse the elections? Guess who was the second to object in 2017? The individual who handles the impeachment for the Democrats “

Raskin is one of those who wrote the article for the impeachment of the Republican president, along with David Cicilline (Rhode Island); Ted lieu (California) and Jerrold nadler (NY)..

This decision by the House is the second against President Trump, who in 2019 faced a political juncture for the collusion of his electoral campaign with the Russian Government, an investigation that was carried out by special counsel Robert Mueller. The president was not convicted.

Whats Next

The speaker of the House must send the indictment to the Senate, but the Senate will not be called to session before January 19, according to the majority leader. Mitch McConnell (Kentucky).

The minority leader, Charles schumer (New York), called for the summons “as soon as possible”, to allow impeachment before he leaves office.

According The Hill, in a memorandum distributed to his colleagues last week, the Senate will not be able to address business until January 19, unless all 100 senators agree to meet.

“The consent of all 100 senators would be required to conduct any kind of business during sessions … scheduled before January 19,” the memo reads. “Therefore, the trial in the Senate would begin after President Trump’s term expires, either one hour after its expiration on January 20 or 25 hours after its expiration on January 21.”

It should be clarified that the Senate cannot convict President Trump once he leaves office, according to several constitutional experts.

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