New York : Clarissa Molina is free of coronavirus: “I am happy!”

Clarissa Molina.

Photo: Clarissa Molina / Courtesy

After weeks of battling the coronavirus, Clarissa Molina With great happiness he shared that he is now free of the disease, since his last test was negative.

It was in ‘The fat and the skinny’, his workplace and the same place where he said at the time that he had tested positive, that gave the happy news

“My test, I already have the result, when I clicked on the link it said: negative! … I’m really happy. This does not mean that one stops caring. I am so grateful because I did not have to go to the hospital, like many people, and I connected with so many people who are in the hospital, to all those people all my prayers that can come out of this “Clarissa said visibly excited.

Clari joked with Raúl de MolinaSince his partner calls him every morning to see how he feels and today, he was amazed that he did not ask him if he had received the test result, so he decided to surprise him with the good news live on the show.

Recall that Clarissa Molina underwent the first COVID-19 test, after seeing that a laboratory offered to send a free kit home. The least imagined that her moment of curiosity would end with the arrival of the result where she said ‘positive’.

Then she went to a doctor where another test was performed that confirmed that she was infected with coronavirus. Clari had to test her life, not only because she had to beat the virus, but because she lives alone in Miami and nobody in her family could travel to take care of her.

To this was added the bullying and discrimination that he received from neighbors and followers of social networks who told him, among many qualifying rejectionists, ‘the infected’.

Finally, and based on care, medicine and the home remedies prescribed by her mother, her family, friends and her followers, today Clarissa can confirm that she is now free of the virus and ready to continue her life, but with great care.