New York : Clarissa Molina is insulted for having COVID-19 and now they call her “the infected”

The reporter from El Gordo y la Flaca assured that there is a great lack of sensitivity when talking about people infected with the virus.

Clarissa Molina revealed through The fat and the skinny that after having confirmed that she had tested positive for COVID-19, she has received many insults through social networks, and now many call her “the infected one”.

In “The Break at 7” Clarissa also assured that she no longer has symptoms. However, even when he is feeling better, he suddenly wakes up with a headache.

“In the networks there are many people who do not take into account how they write or how they express themselves from people who are infected. We have to be sensitive. We don’t have to be judging anyone. No one wants to go out and get the virus“Said the reporter of Dominican origin.

He also added: “It is a very delicate thing because not everyone is mentally strong enough to endure being called ‘the infected one’ because several people told me so. Obviously I don’t care because I know I didn’t go out looking for the virus and nobody wants it, [pero] I think that we should be more sensitive in this reality that we are living

Clarissa also confirmed that more people in her family have been hit by this disease. “They are already much better than before, but my cousin specifically felt that a truck went over her but they are fine already, thank God,” she stressed.