New York closes worst day of coronavirus pandemic with 731 fatalities

Forty days after the start of coronavirus pandemic in New York and this Tuesday the state registered its worst day of deaths in a 24-hour period, registering a total of 731 deceased, most of them occurred in the Big Apple.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the outbreak has already claimed the lives of 5,489 New Yorkers, almost the double of the number of victims left by 9/11 attacks in the Twin Towers, and practically half of all those killed so far in the United States. Infections reached the order of 138,832 in the state, of them 72,324 in the Big Apple. Remember that New York currently has almost 23,000,000 inhabitants, between the city and its entire metropolis.

“We project that it depends on what we do that those numbers will be affected. It is not an act of God but of what society does “, assured the state president, warning that you can’t let your guard down and that you have to continue following the quarantine rules and social distancing, to avoid unnecessary deaths.

Cuomo acknowledged with great sadness that the death figures are terrible news, and saw with concern the increase in deaths in the last 24 hours given that during the previous three days it had been stable. He mentioned that there are data that are encouraging in the midst of the peak of contagion of the outbreak that is being experienced.

“Tubed patients and hospitalizations are decreasing every day. That’s good news”added the Governor, noting that New York is reaching the cusp of the outbreak and authorities are projecting that the state is reaching a kind of stabilization in the cases they will try to maintain.

Increase in hospital beds and medical personnel

The Governor said that amid the darkness that this crisis signifies, there is more positive news, including that the hospital system already has about 90,000 beds to cope with an eventual overflow of cases, and that also a large number of new personnel will be entering in the next few hours to reinforce the work of doctors, nurses and assistants.

“In the midst of the stress and difficulties of hospitals, 7,000 new staff members have already been hired“Said Cuomo, adding that also the issue of the lack of respirators for now is controlled and that the Comfort military ship, initially designed to care for patients who do not have coronavirus, will now join the direct fight against the outbreak

“More ventilators have arrived and we are trying to ensure that each hospital has what it needs. Right now no hospital is overloaded, thanks to the cooperation of all institutions. We have more relief with the Javits Center (which has 2,500 beds) and the Comfort (1,000), ”concluded the Governor.

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