New York : Confirmed: Chef James Tahhan is removed from ‘A New Day’

Chef James Tahhan.

Photo: Telemundo / Telemundo

After almost 10 years on the show, and despite the public asking him to share more in the studio with Adamari Lopez and Chiqui Baby, today they said goodbye to ‘A new day’ to chef James Tahhan.

The show that has made history for the amount of changes it has had in its presenters in these almost 13 years, in addition to not wanting too much humor or entertainment, they would not be interested in having the little corner of the kitchen with identity, one of which it is usually preferred by viewers of this type of morning shows.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed by the network and we would see it on screen, seconds ago, in the production meeting after the program, the bosses told the team that James will no longer be part of the show.

James, who had been on the show for almost 10 years, participated in ‘Today Show’ and cooked in the White House for the president Barack Obama and his family, he toured cooking with people who approached the show in a different way to the public. In addition to serving as presenter many times.

We contacted people who work within the production, who participated in that meeting and said they did not understand this decision, since James’s cooking was something that they were always asked to guide because it raised the rating, especially at this time when ‘ A New Day ‘is at its lowest numbers.

“He has the familiar image that the public is looking for, he is very charismatic, funny, his recipes are always in great demand on the show’s social networks, and he has proven to be very versatile, and he liked what he was doing. , we do not understand what is happening. We are all very sad here “A person who works in production told us that because of the sensitivity of the subject, he preferred to keep his name anonymous.

Most of James’ classmates did not react well to the news, in fact witnesses say that Adamari López could not contain the crying and another of his classmates, also crying, would have said that James always amused them by his sense of humor and that like few others in the group, it fostered unity and made work fun.

In recent months, the Telemundo morning show has suffered several blows that have affected the public’s anger and disapproval. It began in May with the surprise departure of Héctor Sandarti, who not even expected it as he later confessed.

A month later, in June, followed by Erika Csiszer, who had entered the show to replace Alessandra Villegas.

And just a few weeks ago, Rashel Díaz, who opened the show almost 13 years ago, was fired for cuts due to the economic crisis that would have caused the pandemic in the chain. That same day María Celeste Arrarás was removed from the chain.

Chef James was the only one left from the first batch of ‘Un Nuevo Día’ presenters and collaborators. With his departure and that of Rashel, the spirit with which it was created and dreamed of achieving a program that could reach the Hispanic public and take away the reign from ‘Wake up America’.

Will we not see James anymore? Yes, it would continue for another month on screen, while they transform the kitchen that would now have different guests.

What will happen now? At the head of the show, for the moment, who will continue to be the faces of the program will be Adamari López and Chiquibaby, with the collaboration of Nicole Suarez in news, Frederik Oldenburg.

We contacted Telemundo to obtain an official reaction from the network, but we have not received a response yet.