New York : Cops Kill African American on Bicycle in Los Angeles; It’s been two days of protests to demand justice

Dijon Kizzee’s case now joins that of Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back by officers in Kenosha, Wisconsin

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, California, indicated in a statement on Tuesday that Dijon Kizzee, the African-American who was killed by police officers “made a move toward the gun” he was allegedly carrying before being shot.

The incident in which the 29-year-old man died was reported at 3:14 p.m. Monday, in the 1200 block of 109th Place, on Budlong Avenue in South Los Angeles.

The incident occurred in the middle of an arrest to Kizzee for an alleged violation of the vehicle code while cycling.

The official version indicates that when the agents tried to arrest the suspect, he got off his bicycle and fled from the officers carrying a package of clothes. Several blocks ahead, when the officers seized him, Kizzee reportedly hit one of the policemen in the face before he dropped what he was carrying.

Next, the uniformed men saw a semiautomatic weapon next to the articles. It was at that moment that they opened fire on the man.

In an update on the case yesterday, authorities added the fact that the man “made a move toward the weapon” before officers shot him.

“After he hit the officer, a jacket fell off when a semi-automatic knife fell to the ground. The suspect made a movement towards the weapon, and it was at that moment that the shooting occurred ”, read the most recent official report.

The victim was shot multiple times. Ben Crump, who represents Kizzee’s family, officers shot him in the back even though the suspect did not have the weapon in his hands.

Although the confrontation took place shortly after 3 pm, some users on Twitter questioned that the body of the African American remained in the street about eight hours later. Other versions suggest that the agents handcuffed Kizzee when he was already dead.

A video circulating online shows officers pointing at Kizzee while a witness claims he was shot 20 times. The suspect is also seen lying on the ground unconscious.

The police department also indicated that the police officers involved were temporarily removed from their posts while the incident is being reviewed.

Kizzee’s case is reported while in Kenosha, Wisconsin, protests continue demanding justice for the also African American Jacob Blake, who was shot multiple times in the back by city police officers. The protests led to subsequent altercations in which two protesters were shot dead.

Yesterday, for the second day in a row, protesters walked through the streets where the incident occurred to demand responses from the authorities for the incident.