New York : Couple wins the lottery and has a baby on the same day

Luck was on the side of this family, who live the arrival of their son in a more relaxed way thanks to the award

An Australian man confirmed that he feels very lucky after win a lottery prize, of more than $ 70,000 dollars, and become a father the same day.

The man, originally from St. Leonards in New South Wales, told The Lott that decided to buy a ticket for Monday’s Super Jackpot Lucky Lotteries draw because that it was the same day that his wife was expected to give birth.

“I really bought the ticket because our baby was about to be born and we feel lucky! It turns out we really were, ”said the winner.

The lottery ticket was a jackpot winner of $ 71,610 dollars and the man’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby.

“We had a baby and we won the lottery in one day,” he said. “It was an incredible day in such a strange year.”

The winner said the award is a totally unexpected amount of money that “takes pressure off” his family.

“I can’t wait to use this award to care for our baby and my beautiful wife,” he said. “We would love to use this award to get a nice apartment,” she concluded.

Sometimes as it is, babies are born with bread under their arms, as the saying goes.