New York : Cruz Azul rescues the tie at the last moment

The cruzazuleadas have come to an end and now La Maquinaria saves the games at the last moment.

It seems that the Blue Cross that lost points in the last minutes to what came to be called “cruzazulear” ended, since this Friday He rescued the draw against Puebla at the last moment.

Cruz Azul keeps the invitation and rescued a 1-1 against Puebla in the match that opened the second day of the Guard1anes 2020 in Liga MX.

In the first half, La Machine was the lord and master of the game but failed to assert their dominance of the game on the scoreboard, so the first part ended with a score of zero goals.

At the start of the second half Pablo González passed the roadmen in a play where he had the complicity of the cruzazulina defense.

After both, the game lost intensity because the people of Puebla put the truck behind to defend the goal, however, Cruz Azul got the tie on the field of the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.

Cruz Azul avoided the fall of their undefeated so far this 2020, in fact since December 2019 they have not lost, thanks to a great goal from Orbelín Pineda to sign the equalizer for each team.

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