New York : Did you buy products online? What to do if the packages you are waiting for are stolen

New York :

Did you buy products online?  What to do if the packages you are waiting for are stolen

Online shopping has been on the rise during the pandemic, and you need to know what to do if a package goes missing.

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Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, online orders have skyrocketed. And while companies have been adapting their delivery processes to meet demand, there are times when packages just don’t arrive or, worse yet, are being stolen.

Next, we tell you what to do if the latter happens to you

File a report with the police

If you suspect your package has been stolen, call the police. If there are no witnesses, they won’t be able to do much, but they will take note of the incident.

If more people report this problem, there will be a greater chance that authorities will thoroughly investigate and catch criminals, as reported in Safewise.

Contact the seller

Contact the seller and let them know that your package was not delivered. Take into account that many companies ship product replacements without asking many questions.

Amazon case

One of the companies that send the most shipments to homes, especially in this time of pandemic, is Amazon. If you ordered something directly through this company and the package was stolen, what you should do is contact Amazon. They will give you instructions to verify that the package has not been delivered elsewhere., as reported in Safety.

On the other hand, if you are not sure that your package was stolen, but your shipment was marked as delivered, you should do the following:

–Please contact the Amazon carrier directly to find out what happened.
–Check around your house or driveway.
–Check with a neighbor to see if the package was delivered to him or if he picked it up for you.
–Give him up to 48 extra hours of waiting. Amazon says that sometimes deliveries are marked as delivered before they are actually delivered to the recipient and when this happens they usually end up taking them within 48 hours.

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