New York : Discover how to decorate your house like Kris Jenner’s this Christmas

New York :

Discover how to decorate your house like Kris Jenner's this Christmas

Kris Jenner.

Photo: Kevin Winter / .

In the universe Kardashian-Jenner, any excuse is good to remove the corresponding decorations and turn the house into a haunted mansion or Santa’s village, depending on the holiday in question, to generate content to share on social networks.

The matriarch of the clan has now joined forces with popular florist Jeff Leatham, who has set his own home on many special occasions, to offer a virtual Christmas decorating class as part of one of the experiences offered through the AirBnB platform.

The maximum of Kris jenner is “more is always better” and Those interested in knowing its secrets can reserve their tickets from next Wednesday, December 9 to make sure you don’t run out of one of the ten available spots, although from the 15th the conference will be available for free on YouTube.

The price of this lesson is one hundred dollars and All funds raised will go to the Watts Empowerment Los Angeles Community Arts Center, which seeks to support and help exploit the full potential of children, youth and families in social housing in the same neighborhood.

“The bigger, brighter and bolder the better,” Kris said. “Let’s talk about where we find the inspiration to create our precious ornaments, and also of the importance of following a well-defined theme and of the joy that creating a festive space brings us ”.

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