New York : Dispute in Florida neighborhood over Trump and Biden cartels ends in beating

The attacker alleges that his neighbor was covering his Trump poster with one of the Democratic candidate

The tension between the residents of a Florida community was growing as the date of the presidential elections approached. Many of them put up posters in support of Joe Biden and Donald Trump until a dispute grew heated and a man ended up punching a neighbor in the face.. The attacker was arrested for assault, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Anthony “Tony” Vullo, 55, was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge after officers pointed him out like the perpetrator of the blow to his 48-year-old neighbor, Joseph Lebert, in Debray, about 30 minutes from Orlando, on Aug. 17.

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Records show that a witness told Lebert that Vullo had taken a Biden poster from Liebert’s garden and tossed it across the yard. The man confronted Vullo about the incident.

Vullo said he was upset that the placement of the sign had blocked his from Trump. During the confrontation, the agents indicated that Vullo pushed his neighbor and the two got into a bigger fight. It was then that Vullo hit the neighbor on the left side of his face.

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Although a witness supported the victim’s account that Vullo had first pushed the victim and then struck him, Vullo said that he hit the man because Lebert tried to hit him first but failed.

Agents said the victim had obvious signs of injury near your left eye, but he declined medical attention.