New York : DJ Erick Morillo is found dead at his Miami Beach home after being accused of sexual assault

He was 49 years old and at the beginning of August he had been arrested for a complaint from a woman who accused him of abusing her while she was sleeping

Artist and DJ Erick Morillo has been found dead in his Miami Beach mansion, according to what the police of that South Florida city have announced.

The Colombian-American star, known for her long career in electronic music, He was 49 years old and was still one of the great references in the industry.

The music producer wasn’t living his best moments anymore I had a pending matter with justice.

It may interest you: DJ Erick Morillo arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was sleeping

In early August, Morillo had been arrested and charged with sexual assault against a woman. Police say it all happened at his Miami Beach home in December.

Investigators say Morillo and the alleged victim were working as DJs at a private party on Star Island and then they went to Morillo’s house on La Gorce Drive for a drink with another woman.

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According to the arrest report, the victim told detectives that Morillo “made various advances towards her, some of a sexual nature, but she rejected all his attempts. “

The woman told police she was intoxicated and later found a room inside the house to sleep alone. She “reported that she had woken up naked in bed, with Mr. Morillo up and naked“, according to the report.

Morillo had denied the accusations. The results of a rape kit tested positive when compared to the DJ’s DNA.