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Girls between 4 and 6 years old begin to become aware of the distinction that exists between men and women

Kathy Fowkes / Pixabay

Makeup, dresses, heels and then? What can follow for her? This is the case for almost any little girl between the ages of four and six, who after spending a long time with their toys now only think of looking cute.

Right when I got to the preschool stage, girls are inveterate flirts. This is because have become aware of the distinction between men and women, and therefore they go through a process of identifying themselves.

But for many parents, this process is rare and complicated, they see it as if her little princesses suddenly want to dress like older girls with an obvious load of sex appeal. While this flirtation is new to parents, it should be seen as the birth of their feminine identity.

In front of what they see, Mom or Dad should not forget that they continue to have that role of example and guide in their lives. Educate them with well-grounded values ​​so that they are very useful in various behaviors and behaviors throughout their lives. That is to say, teach them to feel good wherever they are.

Letting girls put a little makeup on their face is nothing but allow and encourage them to make some decisions, respecting them to have their own tastes, both in the subject of clothing and in others for their socio-emotional development. It is best not to treat them as dolls, but as individuals with their own criteria: it helps them develop their feeling of autonomy.

It doesn’t mean that parents stop doing whatever they want, but that their parents always have the last word in their game, how to negotiate and reach agreements. For example, show her two or three sets of clothes and let the little one decide. You decide the main garment and she complements it. This is like letting her be part of your appearance and deciding, but you should always be careful with blackmail.

His appearance should never be neglected, if a father considers that his clothing is inappropriate, he prevents it from being done outside the home, but above all Girls must be taught that beyond physical attractiveness, they are worth their intelligence, generosity, kindness and perseverance.