New York : Elderly man beats to death a man who entered his house and wounded his wife with a knife

New York :

When it comes to defending who we love the most in our life, it makes us draw strength that even we did not imagine we could have, especially in some ages in which the physical no longer allows us to do certain things or, we no longer have reflexes As sharp as when we were young

But out there it is said that what is learned well is never forgotten, and just that seems to have happened with an 82-year-old man from Aiken County, South Carolina, who despite his advanced age, he beat to death a man who entered his house armed and attacked his wife.

Herbert Parrish, a war veteran, was at home with his wife Lois, 79, when they suddenly heard a loud knock on the back door of their home.

Lois decided to go see who had played and that’s when she met a man, who told him that he was looking for his Chihuahua dog and he was asking around the houses in the neighborhood if anyone had seen him.

The woman indicated that she had not seen the dog and when she tried to close the door, This person who was later identified as Harold Runnels, 61, broke into the house, pulled out a large knife and attacked her.

Parrish realized what had happened and acted immediately. The old man quickly took the shotgun hanging on the wall next to the door and hit Runnels with it until he lost consciousness.

“I started hitting him on the head with the cannon and I know I must have hit him at least 10 times in the face, as hard as I could,” Parrish said in an interview with WACH.

The elderly couple quickly called the police and emergency services. An ambulance transported the attacker to a hospital where he died hours later.

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