New York : Emotional, imposing, exciting: the return of the NBA, an example of perfect logistics

The stave stars are back playing for sure in a bubble created for that

How paradoxical that the first basket of this NBA comeback was scored by the Frenchman Rudy Gobert, the first player infected by coronavirus and the one who mocked as soon as the pandemic started. How far did it all go after Gobert’s teasing.

Beyond the results of the first games in which the Utah Jazz and the Lakers prevailed in two highly contested matches, the NBA made it clear that the format and conditions of the game are different from those of any sports league in the world.

The stage is impressive, the court, in which the public obviously misses, is equipped with all the technology so that thePlayers do not sit in training and the mission is accomplished both on the floor and for the viewing public.

Basketball is a sport that has its roots in school gyms., in which we all play (good or bad) sometime, so that the familiarity with which it is played and observed is almost inexplicablelet’s say play it in a gym with no audience it is much more organic than other sports in empty stadiums.

The pre-match ceremony simply gives goosebumps: players with arms interlocked with the security that gives a bubble that was invented for that, so that the most important protagonists feel safe and put on a great show.

Lto NBA, as in many occasions it is setting the precedent that with organization, resources and impeccable logistics, the return to sports activity can be much less rugged than hitherto in other parts of the world.

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