New York : Enrique Iglesias’ great accident during a concert

Enrique Iglesias He is one of the most famous pop artists of recent times, and like every great singer has had to go through some problems arriving from the stageHowever, no accident compares to the one he suffered in his right hand, and for which fractured his hand.

It happened in early 2015, the singer presented his “Sex and Love” tour in Tijuana, Mexico. The concert that was lived in the border area was spectacular but a drone almost flies off a finger after he tried to grab it with his hand.

The singer raised his hand intending to grab the object to record images of the concert, however he did not do it correctly and the blades cut him. After finishing your presentation with the shirt full of blood was attended immediately.

The local paramedic team treated him promptly, however the injuries were more serious than expected. An ambulance took him to the airport and he ran with a specialist in Los Angeles. The damage was a fracture that required reconstructive surgery, and his experts said he may have lost his finger.

Fortunately, the singer’s recovery took place in the best way and without a doubt after this he has been more careful in his concerts. It should be remembered that after the accident they recommended to finish the presentation, however Iglesias he wanted to give his audience the remaining 30 minutes. Everything a professional.

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