New York —

A major phenomena of this quarantine is the speed with which everyone, even those who vowed never to, are entering the world of TikTok.

Apparently that’s the case with the Derbez, who recently debuted on the social network thanks to her little Aitana, in charge of giving her parents a fun choreography with the song Cheap Thrills by Sia.

“What better way to debut on TikTok than with a choreography that Aitana gave us with one of her favorite songs just before sleeping ”, wrote Alessandra Rosaldo in his Instagram post.

Among the amusing comments of his followers highlights the fact that Eugenio Derbez, from the back of the room, does not seem to have particularly enjoyed the experience to enter the famous social video network.

However, just a day later the famed Mexican actor made an appearance there again, this time along with two other of his heirs: Aislinn and Vadhir.